About Us

Mission: Congregation Beth El – Ner Tamid is dedicated to fostering a welcoming, vibrant, progressive, and inclusive Jewish community blending the traditions of the Conservative movement with Reconstructionist teachings. We enjoy Jewish spiritual, cultural and social activities, and encourage social action and lifelong Jewish learning.

Vision: Congregation Beth El – Ner Tamid aspires to be the heart of our Jewish community, supporting the religious, social, and emotional needs of our diverse population, with an open invitation to explore and celebrate Judaism.

Values: Congregation Beth El – Ner Tamid centers itself around these five sets of core principles: ·

  • Community & Inclusivity: We aim to create a warm and caring family environment where Jews of all ages, backgrounds, races, abilities, gender identities, sexual orientations, and their loved ones feel welcome and respected;
  • Religious Connection & Spirituality: We create opportunities for people to form meaningful connections with each other and to bring spirituality into their lives;
  • Lifelong Learning & Inspiration: We encourage people of all generations to explore Jewish identity, heritage, and community and to celebrate Judaism through a variety of religious, educational, and social activities;
  • Tradition & Adaptation: We cherish the rituals and practices of Judaism while adapting to current times, appreciating the values of both tradition and modernity;
  • Social Action & Tikkun Olam: We wholeheartedly support the needs of our wider community in collaboration with other religious and secular institutions.