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The philosophy at Congregation Beth El – Ner Tamid is based on the belief that Judaism is a dynamic, progressive way of life.  Our members cherish the traditions and practices of Judaism while adapting ourselves to current times.  We welcome traditional and interfaith families, as well as  participation from non-Jewish partners and their extended families.  Women enjoy full participation in all religious aspects of our community.  But we are about more than religion.  We are also about community. We are about family.  We invite you to join our family and help us work together to fulfill our common goals.

Brochures of Upcoming Events

  • 2018.07.26 Sisterhood National Museum of American Jewish Histor
  • 2018.08.29 Knitting
  • FriendsIsBack_20171031
  • SocksForVets_20171231

Pictures From Events

  • 2018 Purim Carnival 4
  • 2018 Purim Carnival 6
  • 2018 Purim Carnival 7
  • 4 Women
  • Barb and Annette
  • Barb and Sue
  • BidnBuy
  • BlessingoftheAminals2
  • BlessingoftheAnimals
  • CADVconcert
  • ChallahBaking1
  • ChallahBaking2
  • ChallahBaking3
  • ChallahBaking4
  • ChallahBaking5
  • Class Service
  • Closing Affair
  • Closing Affair
  • Closing Affair
  • Confirmation
  • Confirmation
  • Eleanor
  • Escape The Room 2018
  • Escape The Room 2018A
  • Escape The Room 2018B
  • Jen and Penny
  • K'tonton 1
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  • Make A Wish
  • Marilyn and Marlene
  • Mens Club Sukkah 2017
  • Mezzuahdedication
  • Mordechai Rosenstein Weekend
  • Opening Day Mens Club
  • Opening Day Mens Club
  • Opening Day Mens Club
  • Paperclip Program
  • Purim
  • Purim
  • Purim
  • Religious School
  • Religious School
  • Welcome Cantor Bernstein
  • bingolatka
  • jkidphilly and CBENT 1
  • jkidphilly and CBENT 2
  • men'sclubmitzvahproject
  • supersunday
  • supersunday2

Message from Rabbi Blum…

Shalom! Saturday Evening July 21st at 8PM. we  will gather to read the Book of Lamentations, as we Fast and mourn the Destruction of the Temples in Jerusalem. We also remember the numerous calamities that have occurred in the course of Jewish history.
On Sunday morning July  22nd at 9AM. we will again gather to  remember the tragic events in our history and read selections from Lamentations. You are encouraged to attend, so we can have Minyan. I will share some stories of our recent visit to Poland and to the cities of Warsaw and Cracow. We should remember that it s a sacred obligation to recite Kaddish for the Martyrs of our people.
Never Forget!


Here’s what’s happening…

Friday, July 20th – Friday Evening Service – 6:15 p.m.

Saturday, July 21st – Shabbat Morning Services – 9:30 a.m.,

Erev Tisha B’Av Service – 8:00 p.m.

Sunday, July 22nd – Tisha B’Av Service – 9:00 a.m.

Save the date …

Thursday, July 26th – Sisterhood’s National Museum of American Jewish History Event, Leonard Bernstein Exhibit 12:30 p.m.

Tuesday, August 7th – Welcome BBQ 6:00 p.m.

Friday, August 10th – Devotion by the Ocean, Ventnor, NJ

Saturday, August 11th – Rosh Chodesh Luncheon following services

Thursday, August 23rd – Sisterhood Whine & Cheese Paint Night 7:00 p.m.

2018 New Year Mazelgrams…

Extend wishes for a wonderful New Year to your second family at Beth El – Ner Tamid!
The High Holidays are very early this year. Please order on or before August 17!

 Congregation Beth El – Ner Tamid is proud to be partners with FELS and K’tonton,

Our pre-school program, known as K’tonton, is ranked in the Top 3% of Delaware County Centers,
and is both NAEYC accredited and a four-star Keystone Quality Preschool Program (FELSKIDS website)
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