CBENT Medical Advisory Committee Updates COVID-19 Policies


The Committee met on October 27, 2021 and consisted of Gary Bernett, MD, co-president of CBENT, serving as facilitator; and Drs. Susan Levy, Elie Lourie, and Jennifer Shrager. Rabbi Jankovitz attended as an observer.

The Committee has made the following suggestions:

  • CBENT will mandate that all attendees at religious services over the age of 18 be doubly vaccinated. Social Distancing and masking will continue. The Rabbi, Cantor, Torah readers and Gabbiem may remove their masks when they are on the pulpit.
  • Individuals who are vaccinated should register the with the office and provide documentation
  • Attendees should be logged in for the potential purpose of contact tracing in the event that someone becomes ill.
  • Aliyahs to the Torah will continue to be performed from the individual’s seat.
  • A Torah procession may occur but only the individual carrying the Torah may march and they must be masked. Readings will continue from the pulpit.
  • Vaccination is strongly encouraged for all individuals older than 5 years of age.
  • Unvaccinated children, over 2 years of age, should be kept within a family pod/group that is practicing social distancing.
  • Services will be limited to 50 attendees in the Sanctuary. Special Occasions (B’nai Mitzvah) need to make arrangements through the office.
  • A Kiddush may be held outdoors after services. If inclement weather prevents this, it may be held in the Felinton Auditorium, for no longer than 15 minutes. Masking and social distancing will continue to be enforced.
  • No meals in the synagogue at this time.
  • Events in the Felinton will be limited to 50 people, who can demonstrate that they have been vaccinated and will practice masking and social distancing. No food to be served in the building. The event may offer food either in the parking lot or “grab and go.” This includes “non-Latke” bingo.

The Committee will meet again at the end of November and determine if any changes in policy are warranted given COVID status at that time.


Vance DiCristo
Dr. Gary Bernett