An Important Message to Our Congregation

For now, all events, services, and gatherings at the synagogue have been postponed. The office will remain open on a limited basis for phone calls, mail and emails only.

As things around us change daily in order to keep us safe, you may begin to feel more and more isolated, alone and afraid. Do not despair! Please know that we here at CBENT are a congregation of love and support and are here to get you through these difficult times. Although we cannot gather in person, we are taking steps to ensure that we can gather in spirit through technology. Starting Sunday, March 22, we will be offering morning minyan via Zoom, with other services soon to follow (click for current schedule). In addition, there are many “mensches” among us who are available to drop off groceries, prescriptions, and necessities to you. Our clergy, staff and board are also available via phone for calls and support. Please reach out if you need us. Together we can be the light in the darkness.

Remember that as our movements become more restricted, we are actually doing a Mitzvah by staying in and keeping the COVID-19 virus from spreading. We know that it is not the space that makes something holy, but what we do to bring in Holiness. Even as we are called to keep to ourselves, we must remember our connection to one another, and our sacred connection. Jews have historically faced seemingly insurmountable crises throughout our history, and we have triumphed. This time will be no different.

Make sure to do something you enjoy during your time at home, and to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. We are all going through these unprecedented times together, and together we will learn to adapt and move forward. As it is read in the final chapter of Exodus,  “Be strong, be strong, and let us strengthen one another.”