The Hebrew word NATAN is a palindrome – spelled the same backwards and forwards. It’s a mirror, and that is exactly what the word is trying to tell us. When we give, we are not only giving something but also receiving something. We hope that whatever you receive from Congregation Beth El Ner Tamid – be it religious inspiration, solace, community or learning – will inspire you to participate in our new enhanced level of giving program. We don’t pass the weekly basket, we don’t tithe, but we do ask you to dig deep, both into your hearts and your pockets, and help us offset the dollars used
so that all may be welcome here at CBENT. So please…


Levels of membership above current dues are available as follows:

Bronze – $500 (less than $2/day)
Silver – $750 (Still less than $2/day!)
Gold – $1000 (less than $3/day – can’t even get a latte for that!)
Platinum – $1500 (about the price of your daily latte or bagel and shmeerl)

All Patrons will be recognized in the Shofar, if desired. Platinum members receive free use of one CBENT event space for one event (Subject to terms and availability)

You can pay the amount out over time with your monthly bill, put it on a credit card, or make auto payments through your bank. The true benefit of enhanced giving is the joy you will feel in your heart knowing that you have helped your community, your synagogue and your CBENT family. This feeling is priceless.